10 Quick Points About Retractable Awnings

Retractable AwningsRetractable awnings are a popular enhancement for outdoor spaces. They provide homeowners an option to block off the sunrays during summer but still let in sufficient light. They are also effective in creating enough shade and privacy.

Retail companies such as Action Awnings agree that retractable awnings are just perfect for an outdoor entertainment area. But if you’re still thinking twice about getting this sunshade, here are a few facts about retractable awnings that might convince you of their value:

  1. They can also be as functional during rainy seasons. Most retractable awnings come with water-proof fabric that stretches out to avoid creating rainwater puddles.
  2. Retracting this window shade takes only a minute or so. You can do it either manually or automatically (with a remote-controlled setup).
  3. The more advanced models feature weather sensors that automatically unfold the awnings during sunny and hot days, and retract them during rainy or windy days.
  4. Two words: no maintenance.
  5. They make outdoor spaces in your lawn more comfortable, so you can have a place for afternoon tea or coffee.
  6. Similarly, these can expand business spaces. If you own a restaurant and need a place for additional tables and chairs, retractable awnings can provide it.
  7. It’s a trend in the business industry to use awnings as provisional commercial signage.
  8. Retractable awnings reduce glare inside the house by about 95% and the heat by 80%, easing the temperature by as much as 15⁰ and energy bills by 25%.
  9. It enhances the appeal of your house to a significant extent. This also adds value to the property, increasing your gains when you sell it.
  10. With retractable awnings, you make the most of your outdoor space, balcony, patio, deck and even the poolside area. You can go to these areas with the confidence that you’re protected from sun or rain.

These 10 facts provide you a glimpse of the things you can benefit from if you install retractable awnings. These home or shop additions are well worth the investment.

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