3 Clever Ideas on Creating Your Promotional Items

Checking Product At StoreThe use of promotional products has always been a clever marketing technique. These items are great ways to boost your branding and inspire word-of-mouth advertising. As consumers are likely to say no to freebies, you can easily turn your target market into walking brand ambassadors.

The real challenge is to come up with the right promotional product. Many things go into choosing the most fitting item to give away. To help you think of the apt product, here are a couple of nuggets:

Think Practicality

Consumers like promotional items mainly because of their utility. From the end user’s point of view, it’s always better to get something useful free than having to buy it. Whether or not they would use the item soon, they would still take it for they may need it down the road.

Use this school of thought to extend the reach of your brand. Think of a product your target audience would most probably value and use frequently. Apart from the quality of the material and design, put a premium on practicality. Your market should find a variety of practical uses for your promotional item, an expert from Glazer Promos advised.

Appeal to Emotions

Tapping into your audience’s intellect or emotion is a great way to keep them interested in your brand. You need to understand your target market well to pull this off effectively. Having a creative design that your audience can relate to and putting a witty and inspiring message are some techniques to make your promotional product special and personal.

Go Green

You can’t go wrong with establishing an environment-friendly image for your brand. As people are becoming more aware of the negative impact of climate change and embracing sustainability, green branding would always give you a good press.

To make sure your promotional item hits home, identify a prevalent or ongoing environmental problem that directly affects your target audience. Create your promotional item around it; make sure to use a recyclable material and smart messaging.

Your imagination is the only limit to developing your promo item. To discover ingenious ideas and be inspired, brainstorm with marketing experts that specialize in creating promotion products.