3 Effective Ways for Marketing Your Motel through Social Media

Motel signWhile people have a general idea what to expect in a motel, you can still surprise them and get new
customers booked. The important thing to remember here is to give ordinary things a fresh perspective
or an instant visual appeal.

Social media is the perfect avenue to connect with your customers. Try these three tips to get a little
boost on reservations.

Highlight the Areas of Strength

Attracting customers is not tricky if you get the basics right. All customers are looking for motels that
can provide comfortable, clean and functional accommodation. Invest in good quality photos of motel
facilities such as spacious layout, plastered walls, bright bathrooms, nice kitchenette, colourful breakfast
and the white-covered bed.

Do you have a nice decor or unique furniture? Are there new renovations? Take their photo. Use them
in social media for instant visual appeal. Don’t forget to include as well popular spots, local activities, or
businesses near the motel.

Know and Utilise Your Digital Tools

Any good motels for sale aren’t just sold with the basic facilities. If you are lucky, what you bought also
came with an already set up digital space such as its own website and social media accounts. These are
important these days as almost everyone connects and communicates through the Internet.

Invite guests to join your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Offer a raffle of a freebie to guests
who checked in or tagged you in your social media account. Manage your online reputation by
responding to any reviews on your page.

Post Funny and Original Updates

Humour works best in getting attention in social media. Look for any relevant updates such as upcoming
local events, promos, news, interesting videos. Inject a little humour or originality. Ensure that you make
regular updates to constantly connect to your customers. Another trick is to come up your motel’s own
hashtag so you can easily track guests who posted pictures and thank them for staying.

There can be lot of noise in social media. But if you want to have loyal customers and make them talk
about you, make your connections more personal and engaging.

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