3 Fishing Tips to Get Your Kids Hooked on Fishing

family fishing tripRecently, Michigan hosted an event geared towards getting kids to get into fishing. The event was successful, and it clearly showed that young kids could have fun and learn something by spending the day fishing with friends and family.

In fact, fishing in the Great Lakes is a perfect way to ingrain the habit in your kid — but before you do so, here are a few tips to start you off.

1. Get the Right Gear

Kids need equipment that they can manage and handle easily. If you chose to fish in Michigan, a large fishing gear store like D&R Sports Center would likely have child-friendly gear in stock. Aside from rods, you’ll also need polarized sunglasses, life vests, bug repellents, and sunscreen. Don’t forget to stack up on snacks, too, as the young ones might get hungry!

2. Make it Fun

Have your kids learn about the types of fish you might encounter beforehand, or make a game out of spotting these fish. Tell them stories of how you first got into fishing and how you landed (or failed to land) your first catch.

Moreover, be attentive as you teach them how to cast and reel in fish. When they do get a bite, let them feel that they did most of the work. It will give them greater satisfaction, whether they land it or not.

3. Take Small Steps

Unless you luck out, you can’t expect your kids to go on an 8-hour trip with you and have them like fishing immediately. So, start small. Get their feet wet on 2-3 hour trips at the beginning and progress as they develop patience for the activity. As they get older, you can plan lengthier trips or go for harder fish.

Fishing is a great activity for kids to learn. Aside from forming bonds between you and your kids, it also teaches them to be patient, calm, and focused. It is one of the few activities that is memorable and timeless that you can enjoy with their kids no matter how old they might have grown.