3 Hiking Trails You Should Never Miss This Spring

Family hike
Spring is one of the best seasons to enjoy a weekend or two of hiking: the weather is usually mild or warm, and the natural landscapes appear more vibrant.

When you do decide to take that hiking trip, the rule is to keep it light, especially when you plan your hike in late spring and near summer. Nevertheless, you should also protect yourself from scratches when walking on bushes, the heat of the sun, and rough terrain. For your feet, try wearing cowboy boots for men. They may be slightly heavier, but they are more comfortable and offer ample protection for the sole. For women, hiking boots would do.

If you are looking for awesome trails around the country, place these on top of your list:

Yosemite National Park

Although you can catch some poppies blooming, the highlight of the trip is the different waterways including the Upper Yosemite Falls, which are in their most active form. By this time, the snow starts to melt and water fills these networks. In the Yosemite Valley are the various trails of different levels of difficulty such as Cook’s Meadow Loop for a leisurely pace.

Zion National Park

The best times to visit Zion National Park in Utah are fall and spring. Besides the changes in foliage, the weather is also moderately warm. For an amazing hike, you can go to the Narrows since it offers the challenge of wading through water. If you are not a fan of cold water, be here during late spring, although pay attention to any flash flood alert.

Echo Lakes Trail

The Echo Lakes Trail in Colorado is one of the best options if you want to bring kids along with you. Besides the lake, which is the gem of the trail, you can also catch some birds or fish. You can also bring along your dog as long as you keep it on a leash.

Besides enjoying these trails, do not forget to wear the right clothing. Safety is always an important thing. Happy hiking!