3 Life Hacks Every Low Income Earner Should Know About

 3 Life Hacks You Must KnowWhen you’re operating on a low income, it’s easy to feel down and out. Living paycheck to paycheck with no career advancement in sight is a tough situation to be in. However, many people in this situation let the problems cloud their judgment. The truth is, there’s always a better way to do things. When you think it’s impossible to get ahead, you need to get creative and improve your research skills.

To help, here are three life hacks that every low-income earner has to know:

Unorthodox side hustles

They say that to get ahead, you must spend less and make more. As a low-income earner working a full-time job, you can’t be bothered to print out resumes and show up at offices asking for a part time job. These days there are so many side hustle opportunities that are just out there for the taking. Adsense and mTurk online jobs are two of the most popular options–all you have to do is complete small tasks like clicking ads or transcribing audio, and you can make a couple hundred a week. Not bad.

The power of meal prep

You might say that your biggest expense outside of housing costs is food. Groceries are so expensive; it’s true. However, when you’re living on low income, you need to be smarter with your choices. You can’t go around buying $2 snacks like it’s nothing. Meal prep is cooking up a big batch of food on the weekends, freezing them in portions, and reheating them as you eat. Not only will you save money cooking in bulk, you also get to control your intake and eat healthier as a result!

Housing loans for people with bad credit

You probably think that there’s no way you’ll ever own a house. It’s just impossible on your current income. However, did you know that there is a way to get approved for a loan even when your credit score is bad and your income is low? The FHA 203k loan program was designed for low-income earners to qualify for a home loan and get a payment structure that fits their current income.

There you have it. When you’re down and out, you have to claw out of your hole and look for things you can do. Don’t focus on what you don’t have. Check out these tips to improve your current situation!