3 Must-Dos Before Moving Cities

A couple packing their things in boxesHave you always dreamt of moving to a city far and different from the one you’ve gotten used to? Or maybe your boss wants to designate you to a city across the country? Or your husband’s job is asking him to relocate?

Whatever the case, moving to a new city is a bold move that requires planning and intense preparation. The idea that you’re going to uproot yourself and your family from a town you’re very familiar with could be very exciting, but it’s also equally daunting.

Before you take the leap, here are three things you must do.

Get your finances lined up

Financial situation and carefully analyze if moving is feasible and favorable for you. Another factor you must consider is the house or apartment you will live in once you make the move. Say you’re in St. Louis, MO, a house for sale could be a better option instead of renting. You must take the time to decipher the best move before jumping right in.

Review your job situation or employment prospects

If your move is not related to a job relocation, you must review job prospects in the new area you’re transferring to first before pulling the trigger. Websites like Indeed and Glassdoor can help you figure out the current job market of the city you’re moving to, as well as the current average salary for your desired positions. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and that you reach out to recruiters before moving out to the new city.

Research about the community

Depending on your needs, it’s important to know the general community you’re going to be transferring to. If you have kids, considerations like schools, daycare options, and babysitting culture should be taken into consideration. Whatever your needs are, make sure you write them down and do some research before making solid plans.

Are you ready to make the move? Do these three things first to ensure a hassle-free relocation.