3 Quality Cost-Cutting for Weddings and Receptions

a wedding reception venueNot everyone can afford a grand and majestic wedding, although many are dreaming of it. The thing is you can still have a classy wedding and a stylish reception without being extravagant. Here are just a few useful suggestions that can reduce your wedding and reception expenditures without losing the distinction of your matrimonial celebration.

Unique Venue Options

You don’t need to have the reception at a hotel ballroom or the wedding at the cathedral. Your venue can be as simple as setting up a wedding tent from a rental company in Minneapolis, MN and setting it up in the park, an orchard, a museum, the local library, or even in your own backyard if you have the space for it.

Don’t Do it on Weekends

Its typical for most events, especially wedding and receptions, to be held during Saturdays and Sunday because that’s when most attendees are available. However, it also means a spike in prices for caterers, wedding coordinators, photographers, venues, and even hair and makeup artists. If you’re worried that some guests won’t make it, invite them weeks or months before, so they can ask for a day off ahead of time.

Minimize Guests

Slashing the number of invitations is a time-proven method of cost-cutting. If you prefer intimate get-togethers more than a party crowd, then this would be the perfect solution for you. Besides, the exclusivity can make your wedding even more controversial and exciting.

Bypass the Additions

Rethink what would make the wedding memorable and complete. Is it necessary to have such a big a band or get wedding favors and photo booths? Why order expensive invitations when you can create handwritten letters or even beautifully constructed e-mails? Go for the basics needs and just add elegance and style to them.

Reducing your wedding and reception expenditures need not sacrifice the quality of your matrimonial occasion. Be creative and wise with your choices and you’ll end up with a better deal and experience. Here’s to a wonderful wedding, an enjoyable reception and a successful marriage!