3 Real Estate Website Trends in 2018 According to Experts

house with keysJust like other business websites, real estate sites evolve with the trends and needs of consumers. As consumers become more tech-savvy, websites must also possess more sophisticated features; otherwise, consumers may lose interest and go to the competition. Below are some website trends that will become more popular in the digital realm of real estate:

1. Infinite Scrolling

Websites that featured infinite scrolling became wildly popular in 2014. According to Sharp Launch, a growing number of companies will implement them again as mobile devices become more ubiquitous than ever. The feature is said to mimic the mobile experience in which customers have to scroll down and down to keep their interest and minimize clicks.

2. Google Maps

Implementing Google Maps on websites have always been sort of caveat for most real estate companies. Let’s face it: it’s a little bit technical for most people. But the map tool has changed so much ever since it launched a couple of years back. Real estate websites can maximize the use of Google Maps by providing customers with an idea of the layout of a community or their exact location of the neighborhood features.

3. Chat Boxes

Chat boxes are not exactly new and some local real estate companies have already employed their use in the last couple of years. Many real estate businesses have shied away from using it on their sites, however, because they look somewhat tacky, for lack of a better word. Designs for chat boxes, after all, are not the most attractive. However, its immediacy is no doubt what makes it an effective tool in increasing customer satisfaction. Artificial intelligence and chatbots, in particular, will be more appealing to companies as their technology are now more developed.

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