3 Vital Steps You Need to Take When Dealing with Child Support

Child Law Attorneys in AlbuquerqueWhen you get divorced or you aren’t married to the father of your child, you can still fight for child custody. It’s the responsibility of the father to provide for his child, so the court will grant you a child support amount if you can establish certain facts. You must go through this legal process especially if you don’t have the financial capability to provide all the needs of your child. Here are some things you need to know about the child support process.

Establishing Fatherhood

If you have never been married to the father of your child, then you need to legally establish that he is actually the child’s father. If you went through a divorce, then this step isn’t necessary especially if the birth certificate of your child lists your ex-spouse as the father. Most men will acknowledge paternity voluntarily. However, genetic testing may be required if that isn’t the case.

Submitting a Child Support Order

Afterward, you need to submit a child support order with your state guidelines in mind. Better consult with experienced child law attorneys in Albuquerque such as the Law Office of Doreene A. Kuffer. It’s better to have legal advice from an expert during this time. The child support order must contain how much amount you’re asking for every month. This can be determined together with your local child support office.

Enforce the Process

Enforcing the process is the best and most hassle-free way for you to get the child support every month. Most people do this by directly withholding the amount from the other parent’s paycheck. As long as you have a court order and you coordinate this process with your attorney and child support office, you’re good to go.

These are just some of the most vital steps when dealing with child support cases. Make sure to do everything with the help of your attorney to avoid mistakes.