3 Ways to Monetize Your Hotspot

Smart Hotspot ManagementIn an era where everyone needs to stay connected to the world wide web, Wi-Fi is expected in any commercial space. Be it in restaurants, airports, tourist attractions, or transit terminals, customers want to be online.

But apart from using a fast Internet connection to attract customers, making money out of your Wi-Fi platform opens a world of opportunity to boost your profits. Directly or indirectly, here are effective ways to monetize your wireless network connection:

Usage-Based Charging

Probably the most conventional means there is, charging customers based on their level of usage has proven to make a serious amount of dollars otherwise you wouldn’t get by offering free Wi-Fi. Everyone would wish to access the Internet for free, but many people wouldn’t mind paying a meagre amount just to be connected.

The key is reasonable pricing. Each customer uses the Internet differently; therefore, their need for speed varies. You may choose to offer a free Wi-Fi connection for minimal usage, and charge a fee for a faster connection.


The fact that your customers connect to your own Wi-Fi creates a promising marketing opportunity. Bright Wifi says that by using smart hotspot management, you can deliver relevant and compelling pieces of content to boost your revenue.

For instance, you can place ads to your connected customers’ browsers at a given time. This allows you to easily deliver target messages for better app adoption, product promotion, loyalty programmes, and a lot more.

Data Collection

Because your customers have to enter their credentials upon logging in, your Wi-Fi network paves the way for efficient business intel collection. Especially if your hotspot software has powerful analytics tools, you could learn your customers’ browsing behaviours.

In addition, you may also sell these valuable data to marketing agencies at top dollar prices.

Monetization is one way to add more value to your Wi-Fi network connection. With right management software, you can customise your platform to increase your revenue.