4 Essential Considerations When Choosing a Drug Abuse Counselor

 Choosing a Drug Abuse Counselor in North CarolinaMore often than not, people look for a drug abuse counselor the same way they look for any other professional. They make a few Google searches and go for the ones on top of the search results.

Finding a professional who can help you recover from substance abuse, however, shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can easily find a certified substance abuse, but a degree and license shouldn’t be the only thing you need to look for.

1. Assess your needs.

Recovering from substance abuse isn’t only about ending the addiction. There are other issues you need to confront and solve, such as employment, financial difficulties, and issues with family relationships. The counselor you choose should be able to help you with these, so the process won’t make you even more stressed.

2. Ask pointed questions.

It may sound impolite, but if you are going to work with someone who will be digging into your deepest fears, you will have to make sure they’re the right person to do the job. Some issues you might want to ask include sexuality, religion, and behavior during addiction.

3. Find one who matches your personality.

Recovering from addiction is not going to be easy. It can sometimes even get confrontational between you and your counselor. However, it does not have to be disrespectful or abusive. Make sure you choose someone whom you’ll get along well. Otherwise, counseling might cause more harm than good.

4. Follow your gut feeling.

In some cases, a hint that tells you a counselor is or isn’t the right fit is what you feel. Don’t ignore your intuition; it’s often right. If your gut feeling tells you that somebody isn’t the right person for the job, even though they have the right certifications and experiences to back them up, don’t give in to the pressure. Tell them in a nice way that they’re not who you’re looking for and move on to the next one.

Looking for the right substance abuse counselor is more like looking for the right shoe. You have to put it to see if it fits. If it doesn’t, you put it back on the shelf and pick up the next one you like.