4 Smart Tips to Grow More Veggies on a Small Garden

Community vegetable garden boxes.You may have a small outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most out of it. Growing a small garden is a smart move. To maximize the garden you’ll need to be creative. Check out these four tips to grow more veggies when you are working with limited space.

Use planters.

There are many benefits of using terracotta garden pots when you don’t have too much outdoor space. To begin with, planters make it possible to plant even in areas that you can’t dig the ground, for instance, if your outdoor space is rocky.

You could also place them on your patio and balcony, allowing for more plants. And since planters are so effective in controlling pests, you end up with higher yields.

Use fertilizers.

Fertilizer is important if you are using garden pots because plants tend to deplete the nutrients faster than in larger gardens. You can add organic compost to the soil, as well as top dress soil to keep your plants well supplied with nutrients. Healthy plants tend to resist pests better and yield more.

Make the garden attractive to pollinators.

Pollinators play a crucial role in ensuring that you get a bigger yield even when your garden is small. To create a habitat for pollinators, it’s a smart idea to grow flowers with your vegetables. There are edible herbs that are also attractive to pollinators, such as Anise Hyssop, Bee Balm, and Rosemary.

Use plants that yield more naturally.

Certain vegetable varieties are good at maximizing a small space. You wouldn’t plant broccoli if the space you had were one square foot. Otherwise, you’d end up with just a single harvest. Lettuce, radishes, and carrots are a much better choice.

Don’t let a small garden deter you from achieving your dream. By being creative, you can make the most out your garden regardless of its size.