4 Tips to Motivate an Indifferent Sales Force

Business AgreementThere are few things less effective than a highly demotivated sales force. Perhaps the company has been failing to meet its targets for several quarters, or it just initiated a round of mass layoffs. Maybe it’s something smaller, like losing a key employee or client. Regardless, your sales team is feeling down, and performance is worse than ever.

It’s easy to understand why they are like this, but a negative attitude is only going to make things even worse. How can you reverse this quickly, and get them back on their feet?

  1. Hold a company event -When time is short and you need results quickly, there are few things more effective than organizing an event for the sales department. It gives the company a chance to acknowledge their hard work, hold team building activities, and let them relax a little. Even a modest gathering can have impressive results.

Motivational expert Brad Montgomery also says that a good public speaker at this event can work wonders; they can address the challenges that the sales team faces, while inspiring them to aim higher than ever before.

  1. Train them well – Placing salespeople on the front lines before they are truly ready is a recipe for disaster, both for them and the company’s image. Even veterans, though, can sometimes lose confidence in their skills. Find out what is holding your salespeople back, and organize a series of training sessions. This will not only make them more effective, but help them regain their confidence.
  2. Revisit compensation – Money is not the only motivating factor, and it usually isn’t even the biggest, but that is no excuse to avoid giving salespeople their due. If they perceive that their compensation is inadequate compared to the amount of work they put in and the results they produce, even the most driven person will feel demotivated.
  3. Give them the support they need – Salespeople without the right tools and resources will always be at a disadvantage against the competition. If they feel that the company is not doing enough to support them, their morale will suffer greatly. Don’t make their jobs any harder than it has to be, and make sure that they have the necessary support.

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