4 Top Tips For Handling Steel Safely

Steel Fabrication OrnamentThe use of steel in the construction industry is wildly popular. That’s because steel has numerous desirable features that make it irresistible to builders the world over. But, like all metals, steel is sharp and heavy, and if not handled with care can cause serious injuries.

Here are four tips to stay safe as you work with steel.

Invest in protective gear

As you scour the market for the best steel products for sale from firms such as Wasatch Steel, consider investing in the appropriate protective gear too. You’ll need hard hats to protect your head, gloves for your hands and steel-toed boots to keep your feet safe.

If you are the project manager, ensure that all personnel at the site have protective gear on while working.

Buy the right tools

Equipment plays a central role in the successful completion of a project. But that’s not all. The right equipment can reduce or eliminate the chances of injury while using the wrong tool for the job can expose workers to injury.

If you’ll be using cranes and hoists to lift heavy steel bars, make sure that they are load-rated to avoid accidents.

Ensure there’s sufficient light

Visibility is very important when dealing with steel. If you are working indoors, then consider using both artificial and natural light. If working at night, don’t start work until there’s enough lighting on the site for workers to see what they are doing clearly.

Use a vice to grip metal bars

Where practical, use a vice to hold the piece you are working on. You may use a piece of scrap leather or cloth to cushion the metal bar is you are afraid of the vice marring it. Make sure that the vice is well mounted too.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns people have when working with steel. By taking a few smart measures to protect yourself and your team, you can complete all your projects with minimal hitches.