4 Ways to Maximize the Use of Your Sprinklers

A sprinkler watering grassAchieving lush, green lawns can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re always looking for a home sprinkler repair in Utah. Utah Sprinkler emphasizes that your watering system plays a crucial role in keeping your grass healthy. Like any other kind of equipment, sprinklers also need to be well-maintained so it can give you its best performance.

Here are some best practices you could adapt to get the most out of your sprinkler system:

Set the sprinklers on before dawn. The best time to water your lawn is during these hours. This is the time when your grass can fully absorb what you give them, and not lose it to the heat of the sun. Watering at night is not advisable either because grass that remains moist during the night makes it more prone to fungal diseases.

Observe changes in your grass before watering. Letting your grass get a mild change of color can teach its roots to grow deeper to look for moisture. Deeper roots, mean stronger grass. Don’t let your grass turn brown, though. Giving your lawn a deep watering once a week and surface watering every day should suffice.

Sprinklers should be positioned for full coverage. Make sure that your sprinkler heads are placed where they can slightly overlap. Doing this will ensure that your whole lawn will be watered, avoiding dry spots to develop.

Only water when you need to. This will depend on the amount of rainfall (or sunshine) your city receives every year. You also have to be flexible in resetting your sprinkler schedules, adjusting it to any weather changes, or any laws that could restrict you from watering your lawn too often (these are for drought-prone areas).

Remember to have your sprinklers checked as soon as you notice something wrong. If one sprinkler head doesn’t make its full turn, or water is going out the wrong way, have it repaired right away to avoid any further damage. Well-maintained sprinklers make a well-maintained lawn.