A Closer Look at the Calling of the Lord

ChurchgoerThe “call” is a typical point of discussion for every churchgoer. Normally, it is the pastors and ministers who encounter questions related to this. Many people wonder when these individuals received the calling of the Lord for them to serve the church. It is common to talk about this, but not a lot of people know about the foundations of a calling. Hence, the existence of this explanation:

Paul’s Experience

Apostle Paul’s story – mainly his transition from Saul to Paul – is the most iconic account of how God calls people into service. As Saul, he used to persecute followers of Jesus Christ. The Lord, however, made Saul realize that the Christian way is the only true way. After Saul became blind, the Holy Spirit filled his very existence and turned him into one of Jesus’s most loyal followers.

In this experience, we can safely summarize a call as a divine assignment coming from the Lord Himself – a task only a specific person should fulfill. Of course, the “call” isn’t limited to those who want to become pastors and church workers. It could be an assignment to teach or any other craft that gives fulfillment to the individual and glorifies the name of the Lord.

Alignment and Anointing

Now, if we take a closer look at the calling, it’s easy to spot two core elements: alignment and anointing.

Alignment is all about the conviction of a person to serve the Lord. It is a sign of commitment. You may find yourself attending Saturday church services or simply driving around town when you realize you want to serve. This is the moment when the Holy Spirit enters your heart and makes you recognize your duty as a child of God.

Anointing, on the other hand, is the drive that gets you going. It is what fuels your service to the Lord. A calling’s sustenance depends on the way we abide in the Lord’s ways. No ministry would achieve great things without anointing.

A person’s calling is no small matter. It is a divine order from the Lord we have to fulfill, no matter what.

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