A Quick Guideline on Diamond Blade Use

Using a Bridge SawIt may not be as valuable as polished diamonds, but diamond blades have their own importance and function. It is pretty hard to dull diamonds, impossible even, but you want them to last long. Whether it’s connected to a gas-powered saw, a walk-behind or an electric hand, it is in for some punishment.

This is why it would be ideal to have some sort of guidelines on using and caring for diamond blades. The blades for a CNC bridge saw fetch as high as £150 per blade and those should last for a few months before they start to dull. If it breaks within the same period, you must not be using it right or probably using on materials that are much too hard for the blades.

Use as Intended

Nothing is more common than using blades for concrete in asphalt and other situations where the diamond blade is grinding something it should not cut. You cannot break diamonds, but what people do not know is that you can shatter it if you use enough force. In this context, using a diamond-studded blade on the wrong surface or material will hasten its deterioration.

Furthermore, you have to compartmentalise if you have real and synthetic diamond blades. The latter would last longer and cut better, but it is expensive. You would want to use the simulated diamond blade for daily use and reserve the real ones for particularly unpliable materials.

Let It Grind

This one is often a rookie mistake. Diamond blades grind than cut, so in a way, it paves its own way. Those new to power tools, particularly with electric saws, try to force the blade to the surface because it is not cutting quickly. If you do not know yet, that could break the entire saw, and more friction will make the process more dangerous than it already is. Let the diamond grind and in the process, improve your patience.

No Turning!

In the middle of a cut, do not ever turn the blade. This is a potentially fatal situation because while the diamond blade is hardest at the tips, it still has a steel core. If you turn a saw inside a cut, there is a high chance that that part will shatter. Be vigilant, turn the saw off and pull it out.

There are many things you should and should not do when using diamond blades and a saw. With these three, though, you are safe for common uses.