AC Repair: What are the Common Condenser Problems?

AC CondenserSince the compressor and the condenser sound almost similar, most homeowners confuse these two elements of the AC. The compressor works by compressing the refrigerant to change its form to gas, while the condenser changes it into a liquid form going to the evaporator.

Although you regard AC as one unit, it’s comprised of various parts. Thus, the AC fans, motor, circuit board, tubes or the condenser coil can fail together or individually. They can also malfunction over an extended period or even out of the blue. That said, here are several condenser issues which need the help of AC repair pros in Gastonia NC.

Bad Condenser relay switch

You switch on the fan in the condenser through the condenser relay switch. If the relay switch fails, the fan and the condenser will not operate, making the whole unit ineffective.

You can identify a malfunctioning condenser relay switch through hints of intermittent cooling. If the fan doesn’t produce cold air or if you can’t turn on the compressor, that’s a failing condenser relay switch right there.

Malfunctioning Capacitor

Your AC condenser will run the capacitor to energize the unit’s fan motors. A bad run capacitor will cause a jump to the unit as usual, but it won’t start the motor.

A capacitor functions to help kick-start the fan motor and keep it going. But with a shot, the fan will fail to operate. Remember, a capacitor can start malfunctioning due to extreme summer heat or because of other factors like motor overheating.

Faulty Control Board

The control board is the AC’s platform where all communication for the entire unit happens. So when the control board becomes faulty, a communication breakdown occurs. That means, the coil and fan motor stop functioning, and the switches don’t go on or off, resulting in the failure of the entire unit.

An HVAC pro can fix all of these issues. Some problems like a damaged coil, burnt motor, and a dirty condenser, also have high chances of getting fixed. But if your unit has issues like a blockage, leaks, gaps, and faulty duct work, you may have to replace the entire system.