Achieving a Clean Office: Changes to Apply at Work

Clean OfficeKeeping the office clean is essential to your company’s success. A disorganized workplace disrupts the workflow while clutter is a nuisance to productivity. It can be hard sometimes to keep your office clean especially when dealing with really busy schedules. When you are working with a creative team, a mess may always be customary.

Having a clean office is the first step towards your goal of becoming the number one in your field. According to Forte Commercial Cleaning, while you can trust in San Diego janitorial services to keep your workplace clean, cleanliness should start from your employees. Here are some ways to keep the office clutter-free.

More Storage

When you only have a desk to work with, you end up placing all your stuff on top, under or all around it. Having more options for storage gives your employees places to keep all of their items. From personal belongings to files and office supplies, each employee must have their own cabinet under their table. If you have space, a locker room will also be helpful for additional safety storage.


Setting up regulations on cleanliness is one thing. Following it through is another. Make sure you keep a strict set of guidelines when it comes to keeping the order in your office. Have penalties for people who disobey the rules or you can spin it into a positive and give rewards for employees with the cleanest workspace. Some rules may include discouraging desk lunches or emptying your own trash bin under the table every end of the day.

A clean office starts with your employees. The right behavior and discipline should be practiced in your company. Having a janitor may be necessary especially for busy weeks but it all still boils down to having the right attitude towards the workplace.