Add a Touch of Creativity to Your Camper Van

Camper VanOwning a recreational vehicle (RV) or camper van is a great idea. With it, you can go on an adventure with the whole family in comfort.

Camper vans are usually equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, sleeping facilities, and other amenities found in a house. These ensure a comfortable trip for you and your kids. To give your van a stylish and modern ambiance, consider these suggestions:


Camper vans provide enough space for your creativity when it comes to seating. The first thing to do is to choose a seat that fits the interior. Select seats that are not very bulky so you still have enough space for your other furniture.

Try mixing and matching colors; you can experiment with the color of the seats or the covers. For warm vibes, choose yellow-based shades. For cool vibes, use neutral shades. Complement the seats with curtains.

RV Decals

Accessorize your vehicle with decals for RV — the best thing about the decals is that you can replace them easily if you want to change the exterior design of your camper van.

There are many trailer graphic providers that offer designs that can make your vehicle more attractive.  In case you have a business, you can also order a decal with the logo of your brand.


To make your RV feel more like home, don’t use the existing cab lighting. But don’t choose the 12-volt lighting as a replacement either.

You can actually buy stylish yet functional lighting fixtures that is just right for the small interior of a camper van. Install waterproof LED strips outside of your van as an awning light. Choose among the different color spectrum levels — warm white, cool white, or daylight.

Get creative with the design of your RV. Add a unique touch to your van through stylish seats, van stickers, and lighting system. Personalized your camper van. After all, it’s your home away from home.