All About Granite Countertops: Available Options for Stylish Homeowners

Granite CountertopsPractically indestructible and inherently durable, granite countertops will instantly catch your attention, whether they’re used in the kitchen or the bathroom. The broad range of options available to you allows you to find the most ideal stone for your home. What’s more, granite countertops are greatly functional yet extremely easy to maintain.

Granite Countertop Colors

Granite comes in a multitude of colors, such as the more common blacks and whites, as well as hues of golds, reds, blues, and browns. You can mix and match colors, select one that complements your space’s theme or perfectly contrasts with the accessories.

Granite Countertop Patterns

In general, granite countertops are available in three patterns—solid, speckled, and marbled.

  • Solid Pattern

Granite in solid patterns offers little pattern variation and offers a uniform overall look and feel to them. This is an excellent option for more formal, contemporary, or smaller kitchens and bathrooms where cluttered surfaces can make the room look and feel undersized.

  • Marbled Pattern

As its name implies, marbled granite looks like marble and features a seamless transition between texture and color that spans the entire stone. Light colored marbled granite is often used as a substitute for real marble.

  • Speckled Pattern

Speckled granite offers plenty of texture and color variations. They lend a dramatic visual appeal to a room and will perfectly complement stainless steel fixtures and plain cabinetry.

Granite Countertop Finishes

Basically, you can choose between honed or glossy granite finishes. If you want a matte finish, honed granite is ideal for you. It can also imitate the look of other materials, such as a black granite slab with a hone finish made to look like soapstone. Highly polished or glossy granite countertops are popular options for smaller spaces since they effectively reflect light that can lend the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Granite Buying Tip

Because granite countertops do not come cheap, you must consult with a granite supplier so you can personally see the available granite samples. You can also request to borrow a sample that you can take home, so you’ll have an idea of what it will look like in your kitchen or bathroom.

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