Applying for a Customer Service Job: Common Interview Questions

Customer Service Job in Salt Lake CityIf you’re planning to apply for a customer service position and have little to no experience, the first thing you have to know is that “The customer is always right.” Making sure that your customers are satisfied is your primary job. Customer service representatives are usually the initial point of contact (POC), and a customer will always remember your overall attitude and how you handled their request.

Prince Perelson & Associates and other customer service recruiting firms in Salt Lake City noted that customer service is all about what you can provide. It’s best that you build a positive and strong relationship with your customers.

Here are some common customer service interview questions you have to know. Practice by answering these in the best way possible, so you’re prepared for the actual interview.

  • Are you capable of working under extreme pressure, and how well?
  • If your manager gives you eight tasks but you only have enough time to get six tasks done, what will you do?
  • Can you work properly with a team?
  • Do you know how a ticketing system works?
  • How will you manage an angry or rude customer?
  • If there’s a last minute issue, how will you go about it?
  • How will you go about declining a customer’s urgent request?
  • Can you resolve an issue creatively?
  • Customer service revolves around your interaction and relationship with your customer, if you have to go the extra mile, how will you go about it?
  • If applicable, what kind of experience do you have? How did you deal with specific targets?
  • Why should the company pick you against many other applicants for this customer service position?

As you can see from the questions listed above, most of them are competency based. When answering these types of questions, you must provide a specific example every time — regardless if your interview asked you to elaborate or not. Keep in mind that your answers will show how you’ll handle your future customers, so show your interviewer that you’ve got what it takes to land the job.