The Art of Fixing Things: How to Make Your Car Last Longer

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your car working in great condition. But many people fail to do the needed maintenance until it’s too late and the problems start to occur. Auto repair companies in Salt Lake City recommend giving your car the maintenance it should regularly receive.

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Here are some car maintenance tips to prevent big repairs:

Oil change timing

Several common car maintenance mistakes involve oil change. Advances in engine design and lubricants today make oil changes done when schedule calls for it. Salt Lake City car repair companies recommend changing the oil at specific intervals, sometimes every 5,000 miles or when an oil monitoring system indicates that the oil is dirty.

Tired tires

Tires wear out, but they also time out depending on heat, sunlight, and ozone conditions. Low tire pressure impacts steering and other components, which can lead to costly repairs. Check your tire pressure regularly to save yourself from buying new tires or pricey repairs.

Ignoring your brakes

If you notice anything different about your brakes, such as sound or feel, they’re telling you to visit a mechanic immediately. Waiting out the sounds and hoping they’ll stop is not an option, as your safety might be at risk.

Though maintenance intervals are now spaced more widely, even the newest vehicles require scheduled service to last longer.