Artisan Techniques: Realising the Value of Handmade Products

Handmade ProductThe industrial revolution saw the shift from creating by hand to using machines. This was a big deal with business owners then; production was faster, more efficient, and cheaper.

True Cost

Time equals money holds true in terms of handmade products. The more time it takes to complete an object, the more it can cost. However, it is also true that you are paying precisely for what you are purchasing. Beyond time and effort, you pay for high-quality raw materials and the fact that it is going straight from the crafter’s hands to yours.

Cost Versus Craft

There is always something to be said about the time and care it takes to produce an item. We may not often look to artisan crafters for custom chairs and tables; there are plenty of other items that hold greater value when they’re handmade. Even if these items may be just one of many produced by the same person, each one will always be slightly different. Some may even hide little secrets like the crafter’s signature.

Works of Art

They provide a sense of connection with the crafter being a product of the crafter’s skilled eyes and hands. Pieces of jewellery made by jewellery casters such as JewelCast Ltd, for example, may not always hold immense resale value. However, that it is a custom item that was created for a specific person or a specific purpose can hold it in higher esteem for the receiver than any other piece of jewellery.

The same holds true for other creations such as dip pen holders, quilts, and crocheted clothing. Some items are even unique to hand crafters like the breast milk pendants that are so popular with breastfeeding mothers.


It’s not so hard to gain access to handmade items. The Internet alone has a wealth of online shops and sellers who advertise their skills at creating handmade goods. Etsy is among the primary proponents of the movement, allowing crafters to reach across the globe to sell their wares. You may also try checking neighbourhood listings or crafters’ bazaars. Chances are, you’ll discover an artisan whose wares will enthral you.