The Beauty and the Beast of Balustrading: Frameless Glass Fences

frameless glassTraditionally balustrades consist of wood or metal. Later, balustrade-makers introduced glass as it can easily blend with modern architecture and design. This clear material can lend an ultra-modern look to any décor. The frameless ones exceptionally so, which blends better with any kind of style or feature.

The following is a discussion on how frameless glass balustrades have redefined fencing. Most balustrades of this type now cordon off pools, such as glass pool fencing, Perth, WA homes and staircases, among others.

Adds Intrinsic Value

Many homeowners simply added this additional feature to increase the aesthetics of their home. This improves the financial value of your home because of its enhanced beauty.


These frameless pieces are versatile and used in almost any structure, owing to their transparency and clarity. Glass frames have secure installations, and most glass panels now feature tempered glass for durability and safety.

Today, frameless or framed glass fences are perfect for offices, homes, vacation residences, condo, flats, and private homes.

Gives An Illusion Of Space

This material can make small spaces look much larger and wider. They allow light to go in, hence making it brighter, which, again, contributes to a room looking much larger than it is.

You can have a wonderful panoramic view of your garden and surroundings without moving out. This is perfect when you live in a picturesque location with a view of the sea. You can view the ocean or the scenic landscape through these enclosures. These look great on decks and balconies. They also look very good in the bedroom and dining rooms.

A Wide Range Of Options

These are available in a number of colours, tints and styles. You can mix and match and easily come up with the look you would like to have. These are also available in striking colours with both metallic and pearl shimmer. This will look great in your porch, patio or even with staircases.

Easy To Maintain

They are easy to maintain, hence, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In fact cleaning them is as simple as scrubbing them with soap and water. There are no additional or special cleaning routines for these balustrades; once you have them installed by contractors, you need only the occasional wash to make them look good as new.

Glass balustrades, due to their appearance, fit a wide niche. Use them well to accentuate designs for a highly modern expression.

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