Beauty, Fashion, and Social Responsibilities

fashion societyWhen you flip through glamorous magazines or watch television shows you see slender women walking down the ramp with oomph and style. They show off their unbelievable figures and extraordinary features, along with the clothing they wear. Alongside these beautiful ladies are desirable men swaggering down the catwalk.

These models wear the latest supplies from the hottest designers in town. They bring in the latest in the fashion scene. Many of these models are from the fashion scene in Brisbane and even walk the ramp at many live shows.

The People Working Behind the Lens

Other people work hard behind the scenes, such as the photographers and videographers. They capture with absolute clarity and precision the stylish aura of the models and the brands they represent. They pay special attention to lighting, colour schemes and styling. Backstage, designers and make-up artists prep the models for their appearance and how to carry a particular dress or article of clothing on the stage.

Though relatively unknown, these professionals are equally important as without them the public would not know of the skill of the designers or the models. These professionals last longer than the models as they grow better with experience.

The Glamour Companies

The companies that employ the models, photographers and a host of other employees play a key role in brand promotion. They believe in business trading and operations based on sound ethical values. This comes from the conviction that it is possible to run a profitable business and also be socially responsible at the same time.

They build good relationships with their employees, clients, suppliers and the immediate community they interact with. Most popular brands believe in ‘corporate’ social responsibility and follow this to the last letter.

Fashion Redefined

This term is not synonymous with luxury. It means anything that puts you at ease and facilitates you to lead a more appropriate life. The companies today support people with special needs too. Now the trends are society-friendly, multi-cultured and global in nature.

‘What you wear must complement who you are’ is the new mantra in the world of glamour.

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