Best Destination for Backpackers

Destination for BackpackersBackpacking is one of the most practical and pleasurable ways to travel the world. For years, students and even professionals enjoy this practice of discovering new places with good friends. You can visit different countries without spending a lot of because there are affordable yet beautiful accommodations such as:


There is so much to see in Australia. Thousands of backpackers go to this country each year due to its beautiful scenery and culture. Australia is a massive country so allow more time to explore this glorious land. Take the time to see the beaches in Agnes Water to the bright lights of Surfer Paradise.

Industry leader said available backpackers in the property market are growing in number because of the high demand for quality accommodations.
This development has made investors consider buying boarding houses for sale with great occupancy.


This country is budget friendly and has a unique culture to match the nice people. Their food is a must try as it is extremely delicious. Thailand has beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Your $20 is enough for your accommodation and food for a day.

Costa Rica

Nature lovers will surely love Costa Rica for its beautiful parks, glorious volcanoes, remarkable wildlife, colourful birds and stunning beaches. When you visit their national parks, make sure you bring a bathing suit because there are many swimming holes, waterfalls and hot spring to enjoy.


Although not exactly known for having a thriving economy, Albania has a rich cultural heritage. The country has several amazing historical sites and museums.


There are many places to see in this country that do not require money. You can swim in their beaches and discover their rainforest for free. The beautiful Sumba Island allows travellers to experience one of a kind fishing, snorkelling and surfing. The best beaches are also in Bali.

You do not need to be rich to travel the world, not unless you want to stay in luxury hotels. Keep in mind, however, that is not the purpose of travelling. You are there to visit the country and make wonderful memories. Just be sure to bring your camera to capture the wonderful moments.

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