Brazilian Waxing: Reasons to Throw Away Your Razor and Shaving Cream

WaxingIt’s annoying when hair grows in places where they don’t look nice in. What’s more frustrating is when the strands appear thicker and blacker than normal body hair. Some areas even grow hair at an unusually rapid rate.

One good example of unwanted hair is the one that grows in the private parts of the body. While they are obviously hidden, some people just don’t like the feeling of growing a “bush” down there. Some remove it religiously for hygienic purposes; others, especially women, do it so they can wear bikini.

Shaving is a common means to remove unwanted hair. More and more people today, however, are seeing the advantages of waxing. Brazilian waxing, in particular, is a popular option for women who wish to remove unwanted hair in their private parts.

Here are some of the reasons to throw away your shaving cream and razor and go for a Brazilian waxing service instead:

Waxing gives longer results

Shaving only trims the hair shaft whereas Brazilian waxing works by pulling the hair strands from the root. As a result, you’ll get smoother and hairless skin for a longer time. According to The Brazilian Hut, the effect may last from three to four weeks. As for shaving, you need to get your razor to work every other two days.

Waxing won’t give you stubbles

Unlike shaving with a razor, waxing doesn’t result to stubbles. You won’t need to worry about rough skin afterwards. As the hair shaft is removed along with its roots, your skin will feel softer and smoother. When they start to re-grow, the shafts will be finer as opposed to razored hair.

Waxing is friendlier to skin

How many times have you cut your skin when shaving? Do you know that it can cause infection and irritation when left untreated? What’s worse is they can lead to unsightly scars and marks. Women with highly sensitive skin suffer from rashes after shaving. Brazilian waxing uses products and methods that are friendly to the skin – no cuts, scars, or rashes.

Learn more about Brazilian waxing and other waxing services by consulting with a licensed salon.