Brushing up on Tooth Brushing: The 2-Minute Rule

toothbrushThe importance of brushing teeth is an oft-overlooked priority. A risky mistake, as researchers suggest that neglecting this habit may lead to gum diseases which can affect cardiovascular health.

People become more susceptible to heart diseases as a result of bacteria from infected gums entering the bloodstream and forming clots in the blood vessels. These clots compromise proper blood flow to the heart, increasing risk for heart attack.

The practice of brushing teeth is a crucial part of protecting dental and over-all health. While brushing is important, doing it the properly is the bigger issue. In this regard, how long should people actually spend brushing their teeth?

Two-Minute Rule in Tooth Brushing

Dentists recommend brushing for at least two minutes; one minute each on the lower and upper arch. Most people fall short of meeting this, as some think it is too long. Others, however, cannot estimate how long two minutes is.

A practical solution for this is use a stopwatch; with this, you will be forced to brush and brush until you hit the two-minute mark. You will also get a feel of the time involved that eventually you will not use a stopwatch anymore.

The Right Way to Brush

Although the length of time spent brushing is important, using the right techniques is equally as crucial. As much as possible, clean every corner; focus on cleaning outer, inner and chewing surfaces of upper and lower teeth using short strokes.

It is also important to clean the gum line and hard-to-reach corners, as plaque can easily build-up on these areas if not thoroughly brushed. People should also pay close attention to scraping the tongue.  Bad breath often results from bacterial build-up in this part of the mouth.

The right way to brush teeth is a combination of proper duration and techniques. Needless to say, it is also important to visit the dentist regularly for proper monitoring of oral health.