Can a Conservatory Add Value to Your Home?

ConservatoryIn the UK, more and more homeowners prefer a property with a well-planned conservatory and plenty of natural light. Home improvements, when done right, can breathe new life into a property and make it a more enjoyable place to stay. One could spend thousands to build a conservatory. But, will it give a home’s value the biggest boost?

The Timeless Elegance of Conservatories

A 2014 study shows that installing a conservatory can deliver approximately 108% return on investment. This clearly indicates that a property with an orangery will likely sell much quicker than without one. The average home improvement project, on the other hand, can only add around 10% to the value of a house. Whit smart planning, homeowners can come up with a great idea to update their own properties.

A conservatory, no matter the type of design and build, can provide an extra room. Homeowners can use it as a cosy reading corner or a games room. For those who want to enjoy their garden year-round or just want to keep up with the neighbours, installing a conservatory is a wise move.

The Must-Have Stylish Features

Renovating and building a home addition is a big undertaking. This is the reason one should decide which key features to include. It is important to make sure the new space blends perfectly with the house.

Many conservatories in the country feature solid wood doors, steel reinforced windows and anti-tamper locks. Industry professional shares that a hardwood door is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to maintain, long lasting, environmentally friendly and a good insulator. The type of door to use can heavily influence the way a homeowner enjoys his space.

Conservatories can be a great way to boost a property’s value for the long-term. Before getting a hammer and start knocking through walls, though, it is important to do thorough research. Doing so allows a homeowner to determine whether the effort, time and money would be worth it.