Care for Your Smile: Three Ways to Maintain Your Teeth Aligners

Teeth alignerIf you’ve ever had to wear braces or needed minor dental corrections, then you’ve probably worn aligners. This clear orthodontic appliance is helpful in ensuring that you can align your teeth to complete the procedure. Make sure your aligners last as long as you need them to by caring for them with these three easy tips.

Avoid using hot water

Since aligners are made of plastic, high heat can bring damage to the mold, and thereby affect your treatment plan. Avoid the dishwasher lest it deforms the shape. You also need to rinse every time you remove the clear aligners for teeth. This will lessen chances of bacteria forming. You just have to make sure to clean it using cold water to make your aligner last longer.

Follow the recommended schedule for change

Any dental treatment involves progress in the alignment of teeth. That also means you may be required to change your aligners every so often. Sometimes, aligners need to be replaced every two weeks, depending on how fast and how much the teeth have to be corrected and repositioned. Since clear aligners for teeth are shaped beforehand, any progress in alignment needs to be reflected on the aligners.

Use detergents or soap—not toothpaste or mouthwash

Dental appliances have specific needs when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. For aligners, it is advisable to use a liquid detergent or hand soap, as they are mild and usually have antibacterial ingredients.

Do not use toothpaste, mouthwash or bleach, as they have specific properties that may ruin the make of the aligner. Remember, what you need to clean your teeth may not be applicable in cleaning your aligner.

Maintenance of your teeth aligners is just as important as proper oral hygiene. It’s an investment that will go a long way towards giving you a breath-taking smile.