Categories of Damage Caused by Burst Water Pipes

bursting of a water pipeBlocked pipes are a common issue in most households. Most homeowners solve this by simple DIY measures, which are unfortunately short-term and lead to grave problems later. The most severe consequence of frequently blocked plumbing is burst pipes due to the excessive pressure caused by the frequent clogs.

Burst pipes are a leading cause of the need for water damage repair in Salt Lake City. The damage caused is sometimes not obvious or immediate, and hence the water causes considerable damage undetected. Here are some of the effects of water damage in your property resulting from burst pipes.

Damaged wiring and insulation​

Your insulation and wiring typically suffer irreparable damage when exposed to water from leaking burst pipes. The water saturates loose fill insulation, fiberglass, and cellulose, making the wires underneath lose their efficiency. The exposure of your wires to water also poses the threat of an electrical fire to your property.

Rotting of your structural materials​

Water from burst pipes typically seeps into your dry walls, lathe, and plaster. Before this damage is evident, the water has significantly compromised your walls and floors’ integrity. The water causes rotting of wooden floors and support beams and rusting of your home’s steel brackets.

Growth of mold​

Mold is one of the most evident problems of saturation from water damage. The fungus continues thriving even with seemingly efficient drying of your carpets and padding after water damage. It thrives on your subfloor, air ducts and walls and is very difficult to eradicate. Unchecked mold proliferation leads to condemning of your building, as it represents a health hazard.

The only way to prevent all these issues is to have an expert plumber handle all your drain and toilet blockage issues. The plumber will diagnose the real cause of your blockage and address it, hence preventing future clogs. Though DIY solutions might seem inexpensive, the above problems will come with costly repairs.