Cavities and the Dentist in Soho

Dentist checking the teeth of a patientTooth decay is the most common dental problem around the world, affecting children and adults alike every single day. Though it can be easily prevented, many people get cavities because they neglect their oral hygiene routine and eat too many sugary foods.

Between the fear of needles and the sound of the drill, visiting the dentist in Soho because of a cavity can be daunting. However, there are dentists, such as PS Dental Care, who are trained to deal with patients with dental phobia and anxiety. With their care and support, fixing a cavity is not nearly as bad as it sounds.

What are cavities and how are they formed?

Commonly known as caries and tooth decay, cavities are holes which are formed within the tooth enamel, that is the hard, external layer of the teeth. Cavities get bigger over time, especially if they are neglected, and can lead to many oral health problems, including tooth loss.

Cavities are divided into two basic categories: pit and fissure cavities and smooth surface cavities. The former are located on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, where plaque and bacteria get in and cause tooth decay. The latter are often formed alongside the gum line or between two teeth and can be prevented with the proper use of dental floss.

Cavities are formed because of bacteria and plaque left on the teeth after the consumption of food and beverages. People who avoid brushing and flossing their teeth regularly are more likely to develop plaque all over their teeth and this can lead to the gradual destruction of the tooth enamel. However, even regular brushers and flossers can develop caries if they fail to visit their dentist in Soho regularly. This is because plaque and bacteria tend to stick to hard-to-reach places in the mouth that can only be accessed by a dentist and their specialised tools.

Never postpone a dental appointment

Thanks to modern dental care, cavities have dramatically been reduced in recent decades. The use of fluoride toothpaste is a great way to reduce cavities and so are regular dental cleanings and check-ups at the dentist in Soho.