Cold Season is Coming: Avoiding Teeth Pain during Winter

Teeth Pain in IndianapolisWinter offers a lot of fun activities to people such as skiing, sledding, and making snowmen. This season, however, is also the time when a severe cold can worsen tooth pain. In fact, Gentle Dentist reports that low temperatures and cold air affect teeth and leads to its increased sensitivity. Thus, it’s important to safeguard one’s teeth during the season by taking these measures to heart.

Do not Overbrush

It is incorrect to assume that you are practicing optimum oral hygiene by overbrushing. Brushing your teeth too hard or too often can wear down your enamel and irritate the gums, in fact. It is enough to brush twice a day. Additionally, when you have sensitive teeth, try switching out your regular toothpaste with fluoride toothpaste. It will strengthen your teeth and make it less susceptible to the winter season chill. Alternatively, you can use toothpaste specifically formulated for sensitive teeth.

Check what You Eat

Try to lessen your sugar and acid intake as the acids can damage your tooth’s enamel layer, wearing it down through a process called demineralization. Thankfully, you can reverse the damage and strengthen the teeth again through remineralization. You can do this naturally by eating foods with tooth-building elements such as milk. Furthermore, it is best to avoid subjecting your teeth to sugar and acids.

Use a Fluoride Mouthwash

Rinsing your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash will eliminate odor-causing bacteria. It also rinses away any debris and protects teeth enamel. Make sure to use mouthwash at least twice a day as well.

Use a Mouthguard

When you’re outside for extended periods of time during winter, there is a tendency for teeth to chatter. Over time, teeth chattering can wear down your teeth and do serious damage to it. Thus, it is best to wear a mouthguard during the winter season.

Avoid Breathing through Your Mouth

When you breathe through your mouth, you will inhale cold air, which in turn affects your teeth. Use your nose instead. It would also help if you used a scarf to protect your face. This not only keeps your mouth, neck, and jaw warm but also prevents you from breathing through your mouth.

It is possible to keep pain at bay and flash a dazzling smile during winter when one safeguards their teeth. In case you still experience teeth pain during winter, consult a dentist for treatment options.