Colour Schemes 101: Which One is Perfect for Your Home?

HomeSelf-expression through colour is a key element in home design. Oftentimes, it is why you purchase a specific pillowcase over the other. Your home’s paint colour scheme will play a crucial role in expressing yourself and your design choices. Although there are endless possibilities, take a look at some of the highly recommended options.

Analogous Colour Scheme

The analogous colour scheme is a combination of shades placed next to each other on the colour wheel. For better results, choose warm or cool colours.

Monochromatic Colour Scheme

The monochromatic scheme is a combination of different shades, tints, tones or intensities of a single colour. It is common for interior designers to add touches of white and black as complements.

The main consideration with this approach is to create the ideal variations of the chosen colour. Without distinctive variations in tone and the appropriate textures, you’ll end up with a flat and dull look. Once you get the perfect balance, however, it’ll all be worth your time and effort.

Complementary Colour Scheme

Global Decorating says that the right paint job can turn simple houses into unique homes. To achieve this, add visually surprising elements with a complementary colour scheme.

Your primary palette includes colours that lie opposite each other on the colour wheel. The opposing colours will accentuate and complement each other, lending a dramatic flair to your home.

Split Complementary Colour Scheme

The split complementary colour scheme is based on the complementary colour scheme, but with one major difference. It uses a single dominant colour and two other colours located on either side of the complementary colour on the colour wheel. The result is a high energy room that is less intense than a room using complementary colours.

When choosing colours for your home, choose different paint finishes to better enhance hues. Seek help from professionals offering residential painting services to get the look you have in mind.

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