Combining SEO and Social Media Marketing for Bigger Results

SEO and Social Media MarketingSEO and social media, when integrated together, can be a sure-fire way to boost your online presence and gain credibility online as a brand. Both these tactics have their benefits, and combining them will just strengthen the results. You can start with limited resources, but the positive effects of optimising both can get you far. Below, Digitise My Business discusses some things you need to know to successfully use the two.

Optimise Your Headlines

Although thinking of great, catchy headlines for both your social media accounts and SEO can be difficult, it will force you to push your creativity. For SEO, you may need to incorporate your keywords to increase the chances of it ranking high. For social media, you can be more informal and imaginative. If you’re running out of ideas, incorporating a number to introduce a list can be great.

Get Social

Most SEO services now include optimisation for both traditional and social media search engines. Aside from Google, people also search on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter mostly through hashtags. You need to get social by making sure to use the best hashtags on these social media platforms. Know what social media apps your audience are using the most and be present there.

Embrace the Workload

Because you’ll maintain both your website and social media accounts, you may need double the time and money. Embrace it, instead of dreading it. A good workaround is integrating what you have on your website with your social media accounts. Post important content, offers and updates, as well as use familiar logos, images and colour schemes so as not to confuse new customers.

Some may prefer SEO while some may prefer social media. It depends on what industry you’re in and your approach in online marketing. But, nobody can deny the power of the two combined. If you’re serious about building a prominent digital presence, you must consider the two methods and mix them together for great results.

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