Complete Home Revamp: One Flooring Improvement to Change Your Home

home renovationTo revamp and redesign your house but find that you have limited time and budget, the key is to change one small thing that can change the way your entire home looks. It could be the paint job, it could be a few key furniture at home, but these would provide very little impact in really changing and redesigning your home. For a total change, redesign your floors.

Designing and revamping flooring in Perth, WA, says, is very common for home owners who want to redesign their homes. As the best flooring service providers in this area can work with both limited time and budget, changing the way your home looks is easy with a good flooring plan in mind.

Here are some of the style tips that should help you determine how your flooring would look like after a while.

Planning a Central Theme

The key to consistency and a solid design is to plan the central theme. You may decide on a more formal or elegant style, or a more explorative and colourful design. The trick here is to compare and contrast designs that you see online and determine which will work on your current floor plan. You have to think this over since not all designs on paper are good in real life.

Playing with Texture

One way to change the way your floor looks is to play with texture. You can experiment with cladding, clay, marble, organic wood or even laminate floors. Laminate floors are more affordable to purchase and maintain. You can combine these textures for a more interesting and avant-garde take on home interior design.

Choosing Between Monochrome and Contrast

For a standard smooth or texture floor, you can instead play with colour and design or patterns. You can junk the usual solid colour or uniform white for more daring colour combinations. Monochrome designs are best done with vinyl and marble substitutes. Monochrome themes and designs utilise light to gradient designs and even textures, when made possible.

Take these style tips in consideration and see which ones will work best for you. Consult with a seasoned expert on flooring and see what they can offer.