CoolSculpting: A New Procedure that Gets Rid of the Last Couple of Pounds

CoolSculpting in DraperAlmost everyone has stubborn fat — love handles, stomach tires, arm bulges, and double chins — that they wouldn't mind getting rid of. Fortunately, a new, non-surgical procedure called CoolSculpting may be the solution to the problem, as it claims to freeze away excess fat without the need for surgery. While the CoolSculpting procedure appeals to appearance-conscious individuals who want a toned and lean figure, what exactly does fat freezing entail and how does it work?

How does CoolSculpting Work?

Scientists Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD came up with the idea for the revolutionary flab-busting treatment. The idea was born after they observed children eating popsicles, and noticed how they got a dimple in their cheeks. They used the same kind of logic in CoolSculpting by creating a device that targets fatty areas in the body then freezes them to crystallize and kill fatty cells.

Weight Reduction vs. Weight Loss

CoolSculpting isn’t a major fat removal procedure such as liposuction, however. The treatment promises only mild weight improvements, and it is best suited for those who want to maintain their physique and get rid of excess baby fat. As a result, CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss solution that will enable a patient to shed several unwanted pounds. The ideal candidates are, therefore, individuals who want to get rid of a little extra fat in their abdomen or thighs.

A Healthy Lifestyle Comes with Optimum Results

CoolSculpting is a permanent fat reduction technique, but that does not mean that patients should rely on the procedure completely to keep their weight in check. Lasting improvements can only truly take place if patients have good nutrition habits and engage in a regular physical activity.

Stubborn fat deposits that refuse to go despite all the diets and exercise regimens may bother individuals who want to improve their body. CoolSculpting can take care of the trouble areas. It can’t be depended on as a definitive weight loss procedure, however, as the treatment simply aims to enhance the body’s already fit figure.