Creating a Compelling Video for your Business: Things to Consider

Creating VideosToday, customers aren’t just satisfied with what you tell them your business can do. With the plethora of available media, it’s always a good idea to show them exactly what they would be getting. This is where high-quality corporate videography comes in.

Know your audience.

Think first who will be watching your video. Knowing your target audience will give a better idea of the things your video should contain. You can tailor the message of your video by anticipating concerns that your business can do for your potential clients and highlighting them. Remember, show and don’t just tell!

Make a plan.

As with any part of your business marketing venture, you need to make a plan. Take the time to sit down and think about what you want your video to tell, and the aspects of your product or business to highlight.

Connect with your audience.

If you observe most corporate videos, you’ll see one common thread. They all tell facts — 90% of people choose our brand, this ingredient is 100% safe and natural, blah, blah. Make your own video stand out by creating a story and connecting with your audience. Don’t just spout out facts about your product; PlatinumHD recommends creating a story that will resonate with your target audience. You’ll see better results than creating too much hype over what your business does.

Invest in your production.

No one likes to watch a video that looks like pictures and words hastily slapped together. While it doesn’t necessarily mean you need Hollywood-level production, you should get professionals to create your video. Set aside a budget and work with your chosen professionals closely so that the video they create will deliver the message and the story you want for your business.

With these tips, you can create a video that shows the best of your product or business. Of course, don’t forget that you need to make a fantastic launch for you video, too!