Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: How do you Know it’s Time?

Dying PetHaving a pet entails more than just joys and responsibility. One should also be prepared to deal with how short the life of pets is. One of the most common reasons pet leave this world is because of old age and sickness. This leads pet owners to consider euthanasia to relieve their furry friends off the pain. But…

How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your pet?

  1. Every pet is different

Your neighbor’s pet might have had to be put down the day it was diagnosed with cancer. This does not mean yours have too as well. Like humans, pets take on life’s challenges differently.

  1. Good vs bad days

If bad days are getting longer and good days getting shorter, then euthanasia should be considered. Unlike humans, pets have no regard for the past or the future and live only in the present.

  1. See from your pet’s eyes

While battling liver disease, can your pet still chase the postman out your property? Is catch becoming more of a daunting task than a fun play? If your pet’s everyday life has been greatly affected by his condition, then ending his suffering sooner is a more practical choice.

  1. Cost of treatment

While the thought of losing your pet is overwhelming in itself, one should also consider the reality of things like the cost of treatment. It would not be practical to continue your pet’s medication if it does not respond to the treatment and is hugely eating up your expenses.

Atlanta Pet Hospice notes that deciding to take down a member of your family is truly hard. Some choose to do it at an Atlanta veterinary clinic, while others avail mobile pet euthanasia services and choose to see their pets go in their homes. The process will break your heart, but for your pets, crossing that rainbow bridge is the greatest form of love his owner can give him.