Dental Implant Care for Lasting Health

Dental Implant Care in Lone TreeMany people love their teeth, because their condition gives most people confidence. This is the reason dental procedures such as braces, crowns, bridges, and many others are popular. When you have missing teeth, you can get implants from an implant dentist at Highlands Ranch.

Equality between Teeth

As enjoyable as having a complete set of teeth can be, you have the responsibility to take care of your new teeth replacements so they last. You can treat them just like normal teeth. You may be surprised; well-maintained implants can last a lifetime, states Willow Creek Dental.

Home and Clinic Care

Once you have your implants, brushing and flossing must still be observed. Regular cleaning at home can contribute largely to the health of your implants. Plus, your natural teeth will be cared for as well. Besides home cleaning, you can have regular cleanings, check-ups, and maintenance from your dentist.

Special Brushes

Now, some implants may need special care and maintenance. You can ask your dentist what kind of implants you have so you can take care of them better. When it comes to brushes, you can use your regular toothbrush to clean your implants. Optionally, you can use nylon-coated interdental or proxabrushes to clean under, around, and in between your implants.

Special Floss

For flosses, you can use the recommended unwaxed or implant-specific floss. You can also use a floss-threader instead if you have a bar-retained or a full fixed-retained prosthesis. When you floss, floss your teeth as if it’s a shoe you are shining. Insert the floss on both sides of the implant, then crisscross both ends. Finally, you can start flossing.

Special Tools

Other tools you may need are oral irrigators or water flossers and stimulators. Oral irrigators reduce plaque, inflammation and emergence profiles. On the other hand, stimulators can be used to remove plaques as well as develop good gums.

You can ask for more tips and information from your dentist. The more care you give your implants and your teeth, the healthier they will be.