Designing Intellectually Stimulating Offices

An office is not just a physical place where you earn big bucks. It’s not just the space where you start your business.

It’s your second home. Think about it. You spend most of your time in the office. Whether you’re starting a new business or renovating the office, consider designing a space that won’t feel like a prison cell.

An office is where you exchange ideas. It’s where creativity kicks in. It should be homey, friendly and chic at the same time. It should be intellectually stimulating, a place where you and your employees are free to grow and interact. But before you seek inspiration from Google headquarters and purchase a slide, decide on a concept.

Cubicle Offices

Typical cubicle offices usually involve separate spaces. It may house one or two employees in one cubicle. Cubicles are often in rows where employees working inside won’t be disturbed. This avoids informal communication between them.

Open Space Offices

An open-space office allows different communication options as it is styled to be homely and comfortable. This type doesn’t only feature workstations but often comes with lounges, think tanks, team zones and coffee bars. This layout promotes dynamic work processes and short communication channels.

Open-space offices are ideal for industries where creativity, communication and knowledge-sharing play a vital role. When you let employees concentrate on work, share knowledge, research and have the space for relaxation, this leads to personal development. It creates positive stimulation for a good working atmosphere.

Hybrid Offices

A hybrid office is the combination of the cubicle and open-space office. With this concept, the open-space offices are usually in the middle, surrounded by individual offices. Glazed walls are used on individual spaces. This design allows concentration when working, while still allowing for visual contact.

There are various pros and cons for the modern office concepts. It will mainly depend on the kind of business you’re running.

Try and lighten the mood. You don’t want your employees to enter your office and dread staying there every day. The environment contributes to how they perform. Remember, a happy employee leads to a flourishing business.

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