Detect a Baby’s Gender In as Early as 7 Weeks Inside the Womb

DNA TestExcited to know if your baby is a girl or a boy? There is DNA test for gender, which can be done as early as 7 weeks.

The test is harmless; there’s no need to get a sample from the baby. Doctors take the mother’s blood containing fragments of fetal DNA. This has the sex chromosome.

Gender and Abnormalities

In general, humans have 46 chromosomes. Most of the time, it is an even split between the mother and the father. Of these 46, there is a pair of sex chromosomes.

Scientists are looking deeper into this to search for abnormalities in sex chromosomes, says. For example, monosomies occur when there’s only one sex chromosome instead of two, although polysomies seldom occur (when they have three instead of two). Both may may have problems with fertility, or even genital anomalies.

Earliest & Safest Way to Detect Gender

In as early as 7 weeks, the baby’s blood leaks into the mother. The mother’s blood is then used as a sample.

Chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis are routine tests done in the past, but both are invasive. They may be unsafe to the mother and the unborn baby. The way this works is that the physician inserts a needle into the belly to get the baby’s blood. This can cause contractions and infection. Miscarriage is a likely complication.

Who Is The Real Father?

Electrophoresis, sequencing and amplification made DNA testing quick and acurate. The enhanced accuracy helps determine who the real father is.

Before, paternity depended on blood groups. Since DNA testing is 99.99% precise, it became a reliable evidence. Courts even accept it as proof.

DNA results conclude who the specimen owner is. It can tell who the father and mother is. Trust only the experts with up to date equipment and training. Get recommendations from friends and websites.

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