DIY Aircon Maintenance Advice

Aircon MaintenanceOne of the most overused appliances in the home especially during summer is the air conditioner. In fact, a lot of units break down due to overuse or lack of maintenance, sometimes even both.

When it comes to air con maintenance, you need not immediately call a technician to come in. As you will see in the following guide, you can undertake some preventive procedures while waiting for a certified AC technician.

• Safety First

Before doing anything, it is important that you turn the unit off completely. This avoids unnecessarily exposing yourself to electrical or mechanical injuries resulting from doing preventive maintenance.

• Replace or Clean Filter

One of the easiest and most basic procedures you can do yourself is to clean or replace the air con filter. Typically, air conditioner filters need replacement every three or four weeks.

Some models require cleaning only using a soft bristle brush and detergent. Consult the user manual of your unit to determine how best to proceed.

• Remove Debris Around Compressor

Locate where the air conditioner compressor is, then inspect and remove any traces of debris around. Cut or trim bushes and nearby trees to allow adequate airflow around the compressor unit. Establish a clean pathway for the drain by removing any obstruction using a thin wire to ensure proper flow.

• Check the Coils

Locate the coils that connect the compressor to the home, and remove any damaged insulation around it and replace with a new one. Use duct tape to ensure that the insulation stays in place.

For those unsure on how to clean or maintain your unit, do not attempt to do so until you have talked to a certified air con technician. Aside from the periodic DIY maintenance procedures, it is also advisable to have it checked at least once a year.

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