Do You Wear Dentures? Learn to Maintain Them

Denture in ArizonaA gap between your teeth may occur due to tooth loss as a result of the periodontal disease or through an accident. These gaps may cause problems with speech or chewing. To prevent such problems, a dentist may recommend wearing a denture. Dentures are removable and are designed to replace missing teeth. They fit over the gum, eliminating problems associated with missing teeth or the gaps.

Although dentures may last for a long period, they may get cracks, chip, get loose, or wear out over time. If you realize your dentures have such issues, seek professional attention on denture repair in Mesa, Az. Timely repair may prevent the need for replacing your dentures.

When would dentures warrant repair?

Your dentures should serve you for a significantly longer time. However, Scott Dentistry says dentures are also prone to normal wear and tear as they get old. Cracking and breakage are not uncommon. As you age, the dentures may get loose because the shape of your mouth changes. You feel the effect of loose dentures when you talk or eat, as these activities flex the plastic plate repeatedly. The repeated flexing may eventually cause the breakage, or the false teeth may even break off. All these signs are clear indications that your dentures need repair.

Common denture adjustments

For the comfort of your gum and best fit of the dentures, your dentist may perform the following adjustments and restore your dentures.

  • Rebasing. This is for dentures with a worn base. It’s intended to make the denture stable.
  • Relining. This addresses fit problems that could arise due to aging or loss of bone, teeth, or even weight. Another base material is usually applied so that the denture can fit properly.
  • Repairs. For fractures, breakage, or chipping of the denture, you may need repair.

Broken, misaligned, or loose dentures may cause other oral problems. Ensure that your dentures are in good condition at all times by having the necessary adjustments done as soon as possible.