Don’t Risk Your Employees: Purchase Workers Comp Insurance

Worker's Compensation ClaimAccording to the United States Department of Labor, all states in the country require employers to get their employees workers compensation insurance (also known as workers comp insurance). This type of coverage provides protection and benefits to the workers in the event that they get injured or die on the job.

As an employer in Florida, workers compensation insurance should be on your list of priorities. Failure to purchase this insurance coverage can result in serious repercussions not only for your employees, but also to you and your business.

A quick 101 on workers compensation insurance

Employees who bear this type of insurance receive coverage for medical bills in the event that they sustain injuries while on the job. They also receive monetary compensation for loss of wages due to hospitalization or required resting period after sustaining the injury. Workers comp insurance also covers burial expenses and death benefits in the event that the employee dies due to work-related reasons, explains an expert from Gracey-Backer, Inc.

What happens when employers don't purchase this insurance?

When employers fail to give their workers this type of coverage, they can expect to face penalties, fines, civil liability, and even criminal prosecution.

This is why you should not disregard the importance and value of purchasing workers compensation insurance, as your employees may sue you, and in the event that they win the case, you will face serious sanctions. On top of those mentioned above, your injured workers can file a personal liability case against you.

Employers and their duty of non-retaliation

The primary function of workers' compensation laws is to deliver appropriate remedies to injured workers. However, these laws also provide protection for employers, as serve as the only means for injured workers to seek compensation caused by work-related injuries or diseases. Despite this, though, many employers still harass, discriminate, or even terminate their employees unjustly. Do this, and you can expect to face civil prosecution for "retaliatory discharge" tort.

So do not risk the safety of your employees, yourself, and the business you have worked so hard for. Purchase this insurance for all your workers so you can avoid these serious consequences.