Effective Hacks to Eliminate Spider Mites

Spider MitesSpider mites are among the most common garden pests. They love dry, hot conditions and you can usually spot them on the undersides of your plants. To effectively eliminate a spider mite infestation, you have to first learn how to detect them. Common symptoms of infestation include white, tan, or yellow spots on leaves, while the minuscule red or white spots you see moving are the spider mites themselves. You’ll only notice cottony, white webbing on the undersides of leaves.

Eliminating a Spider Mite Infestation

Completely getting rid of an infestation can be tough, but is possible. You can use either natural or chemical products, says Greenside Landscaping. Common natural ways to kill spider mites include using pressurized water and natural predators. With pressurized water, you have to spray the affected plants very thoroughly and repeat the action multiple times to take effect. You could likewise introduce appropriate natural predators to affected plants and let them do the job. However, you have to ensure that the insects you’ll be using are suited to the season and the affected plant.

Some Important Reminders

If natural ways don’t work, you can opt for chemical controls. Commonly, chemical controls used for eliminating spider mites include insecticidal oils, neem oil, and miticides as these potent preparations will effectively cling to the mites and start weakening them until they suffocate and die. One warning, though, you have to make certain that all infected plants should be covered in chemicals to be effective and you won’t only be eliminating spider mites, but all insects that come in contact with the treated plants as well.

It’s vital that you treat infested, or previously infested plants at least every month even if you’re sure that you’ve eliminated the infestation. Spider mites are strong and are capable of adapting to the control methods you use, explains a pest expert. Because of this, you should try using different controls and methods to control you spider infestation. Just remember to keep safe and wear protective gear when handling strong chemicals.