The Emerging Role of Dietary Supplements in Health and Wellness

Dietary SupplementsIt is not enough to have a nutritious diet; you also need dietary supplements to fill in the gaps that you do not have with your daily intake. According to the Medical Association in the United States, every person should take these extra vitamins and minerals in addition to having a good diet to maintain excellent health conditions.

What Are These?

These include a good variety of vitamins, fiber, amino acids, essential fats and minerals. They help prevent disorders and diseases due to nutritional deficiencies, and some supplements even keep the pH balance of the body, as that of Most supplements are free from spices and preservatives, and come in the form of capsules or tablets.

Take note that supplements are not medication. Their manufacturers did not intend them as meal replacements, rather as nutritional augmentation.

How Are They Useful?

Vegetables and fruits are the healthiest foods possible and can keep diseases like heart diseases, cancers, diabetes and many other illnesses at bay. It is not possible for most people to get their necessary quota of these foods to fulfill their nutritional requirements daily. These supplements therefore provide the nutrients missing in your daily meals.

Secondly, if these plants did not grow on good soil they would still be deficient. Hence, even if you have your required five helpings of various colored fruits and vegetables, your intake of nutrients is inadequate. This may lead to malnutrition and accompanying illnesses.

Body Building Add-Ons

Athletes and bodybuilders have special type of supplements to gain weight, muscle, to enhance performance or for weight loss. These are protein- and vitamin-based and taken only under medical supervision.

Are They Safe?

Yes, but you must only take them under the recommended daily dietary allowance. Do not exceed the dosage of any nutrient then this can lead to toxicity, and remember that each nutrient has its own unique dosage levels. It is always better to consult your dietician or doctor before taking any supplement.

You have to consult your physician if you are already on any medication, are pregnant or are nursing. Always chose superior grade quality supplements produced with daily dosage levels in mind to stay healthy and strong.

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