Engaging Content Keeps the Audience Reading

ContentIn many surveys across the internet about what makes a website bookmarked and followed, it always boils down to the content, especially the written content.

Content writing service provider PayPerContent.net tells us that content is king in all marketing platforms and industries. But what does it take to make written content work for a website?

Writing about the Audience

Websites with high content consumption rates are quick to generate topics that will touch base with the audience. Take for example the Thought Catalog, which aims to serve as an online log for millennials. Quantcast.com’s statistics show that the website already had 1,429,354 page views on mobile and 609,043 online views as of June 25 of this year alone.

The website’s power to create a strong following and steady readership comes from the attachment of the article to its readers.Its writers write for the readers and even if the majority of the articles speak of individual experiences, it always manages to catch the readers’ empathy.As a result, though the website intended the articles for the millennial generation,it inevitably spilled to older and younger ones and created yet one of the most powerful content-based websites.

Find Engagement in the Now

As for you, your brand and its relevance decide the topics on your website. As not all brands can create the ripples brought by journal writing style, like the articles on the Thought Catalog, you have to present your brand as a solution for a necessity. But what if that and everything has been written about your topic?

You can seize the opportunities of the present moment. Readers are always interested in the present and the next. Rely on the relevance and freshness of news and concern your content with the issues of your community. Find out what they talk about and get behind the wheels of the discussion. Be the authority in your industry and show it through written content.

Being the website that attracts visitors is easy, but being the place that keeps them coming back takes more than that. Get the help of professional content writers to get you started.

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